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1. Descrição do cargo/posição/bolsa
1. Job description

Postdoctoral Fellowship (BPD)

Job/Fellowship Reference: FLUL_CLUL_BPD_H21_2018_2

Main research field: Not available

Sub research field:

Job summary:

Under the research project Horizon21 – Early language Development in Down Syndrome (H21) awarded to Prof.ª Sonia Frota by the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT), one Postdoctoral Fellow at the Phonetics and Phonology Lab & Lisbon Baby Lab (CLUL/University of Lisbon, http://www.fl.ul.pt/ LaboratorioFonetica/babylab/) will be appointed.

Encontra-se aberto concurso na Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa para atribuição de uma Bolsa de Investigação no âmbito do Projecto Horizon21: Early language development in Down Syndrome (PTDC/MHC-LIN/3901/2014), coordenado pela Prof.ª Sónia Frota, financiada por fundos nacionais através da FCT/MCTES (PIDDAC)

Job description:

Applications are invited from postdoctoral researchers with a background in language acquisition and neurosciences for a Postdoc position within the project Horizon21 – Early language Development in Down Syndrome (http://labfon.letras.ulisboa.pt/babylab/horizon21/ ).

Scientific Area: Neurolinguistics, Language acquisition, Psychology, or Cognitive neuroscience

Applicants must have a Ph.D. in a relevant field, such as neurolinguistics, language acquisition, psychology, or cognitive neuroscience, and previous experience in experimental research in language perception and language processing. Good knowledge of at least some of the experimental paradigms used with EEG/ERP and/or Eye-tracking and their implementation, as well as of data extraction routines and analysis, is required. Previous experience in infant speech perception research or research with clinical populations is desirable. A background in statistics, applied mathematics, or programming skills will be a plus. Proficiency in English is required. Knowledge of Portuguese or of other Romance language (e.g., Catalan, Spanish, Italian, French) is an advantage.

Grant description and goals:

 The main goal of the present fellowship is to develop research within the H21 project (http://labfon.letras.ulisboa.pt/babylab/horizon21/index.html) and the Lisbon Baby Lab, namely the project research lines involving EEG/ERP and Eye-tracking.  The successful candidate should collaborate actively with the project and the lab research team, and be engaged in knowledge transfer and training and knowledge dissemination.

It is expected that the successful candidate will strongly contribute to: (i) new fundamental research on ERP and eye gaze measures of early language acquisition; (ii) the definition of early neurophysiological and eye gaze markers of language development; (iii) the assessment of developmental changes in language and communication.



The grant is regulated by:

-Research Fellowship Holder Statute (Law 40/2004 of 18 August) - http://www.fct.pt/apoios/bolsas/estatutobolseiro;

-Regulation for Studentships and Fellowships of the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia-http://www.fct.pt/apoios/bolsas/docs/RegulamentoBolsasFCT.pdf;

- Regulation for Fellowships of the Universidade de Lisboa - https://www.ulisboa.pt/sites/ulisboa.pt/files/documents/files/novo_regulamento_de_bolsas_de_investigacao_da_universidade_de_lisboa.pdf


The research activities will be developed at Laboratório de Fonética e Fonologia & Lisbon Baby Lab, Centro de Linguística, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa, under the supervison of Sónia Frota.

Fellowship duration:

The post is available for 10 months, eventually renewed until the end of the project should it be extended. The successful candidate is expected to start January 1, 2019.

As a consequence of the fellowship procedures, in case the final list of approved candidates includes a number of candidates higher than the number of positions available, the next candidate in the list may be called to fulfill the position within the next 18 months after the publication of the final results if the selected candidate renounces the position.  


Salary will be in accordance with the Portuguese Science Foundation fellowshipscale, specifically 1.495€ per month (net) (http://alfa.fct.mctes.pt/apoios/bolsas/valores), paid by bank transfer.

Ensurance (Seguro Social Voluntário and Seguro de Acidentes Pessoais) costs are supported by the employer.

Acceptance of the fellowship entails that the respective functions will be performed in exclusivity (Art. 5 of the Research Fellowship Holder Statute).

 Selection criteria:

The selection criteria are based on the background of the candidates, on their previous experience in research in the relevant fields, and on their personal motivation to apply to the position:

1    Background of the candidate (50%)

2    Previous experience (30%)

3    Interview (10%)

4    Motivation (10%)



President:  Doutora Sónia Marise de Campos Frota Frota

Other members:

Doutora  Marina Cláudia Pereira Verga e  Afonso Vigário

Doutora  Marisa Gomes Filipe

Publicitation of results:

The results will be announced within 15 days after the closing date for applications. They will be posted at the Phonetics and Phonology Lab and Lisbon Baby Lab, and at the FLUL website  (http://www.letras.ulisboa.pt/pt/investigacao/bolsas-de-investigacao/bolsas-flul ).

Candidates will have ten days from the announcement of the results to present any formal complaint about the results.

The successful candidate will be contacted by e-mail.

Application procedure:

Period for applications:12-11-2018 to 23-11-2018.

Please email your CV, a motivation letter, a copy of your personal identity document, of your PhD certificate and of your PhD thesis to labfon@letras.ulisboa.pt and sfrota@campus.ul.pt.

Vacant posts: 1

Type of contract: Other

Job country: Portugal

Job city: Lisbon

Job company/institute: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa

Application deadline: 23 Novembro 2018
(The Application's deadline must be confirmed on the Job Description)

2. Dados de contactos da organização
2. Organization contact data

Organization/institute: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa

Alameda da Universidade, Cid. Universitária
Lisboa - 1600-214 Lisboa

Email: sp.pessoal@letras.ulisboa.pt

Website: http://www.letras.ulisboa.pt

3. Habilitações académicas
3. Required education Level

4. Línguas exigidas
4. Required languages

5. Experiência exigida em investigação
5. Required research experience