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Unique identifier: a783b53d-298e-4001-9f0a-919b9fdab9e3

1. Descrição do cargo/posição/bolsa
1. Job description


Job/Fellowship Reference: C2008-Univ Coimbra - CHSC/01

Main research field: History

Sub research field: History of the High Middle Ages

Job summary:

The Centro de História da Sociedade e da Cultura (CHSC) of the University of Coimbra calls for applications for a position in the area of  History of the High Middle Ages.

Job description:

With a  sub-project  under the title  Portugal and the Others – Societies, Economies, and Cultures, the CHSC intends to develop research in the domains of History of the High Middle Ages, particularly Ecclesiastical History and Socio-Political and Cultural History, taking into account the deep interest of this period for the study of the origins of Portugal and its institutions. One of the goals of  this research project is the systematic survey and the publishing of various sources which may allow for the writing of works referring to this age.

Applicants must possess  a Ph. D,  preferably in History, and a three year research practice after they have obtained such a degree. Fluency  in Portuguese language is required, as well as knowledge of Latin. Applicants with knowledge of Arabian will be preferred.

Applicants shall demonstrate skills for research by means of  a Curriculum Vitae, in which, above all, academic qualifications, works published, and integration in individual and collective projects must be mentioned. The presentation of two recommendation letters is also advised, in order to assert the applicants’ interest and  capability for the work to be carried on.

It is possible that the selected candidate  may participate in seminars, conferences or other scientific meetings.

This scientific job performed  in full time (40 hours per week) during five years will assure an yearly income of about 42.500 €.

Applications must be sent until the 30th September 2008. Applications missing any of the required documents will not be taken into consideration. The CHSC will afterwards ask for official confirmation of the curricular data put forward by the applicants.

Please note: The final appointments for these positions are dependent upon the approval from Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia of the pre-selected candidates proposed by the University of Coimbra.

Vacant posts: 1

Type of contract: Contrato a termo certo

Job country: Portugal

Job city: Coimbra

Job company/institute: Centro de História da Sociedade e da Cultura/Faculdade de Letras, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Application deadline: 30 Setembro 2008
(The Application's deadline must be confirmed on the Job Description)

2. Dados de contactos da organização
2. Organization contact data

Organization/institute: Universidade de Coimbra-C2008

Paço das Escolas
Coimbra - 3004-531

Email: uc.ciencia2008@daf.uc.pt

Website: http://www.uc.pt/

3. Habilitações académicas
3. Required education Level

Degree: PhD
Degree field: History
4. Línguas exigidas
4. Required languages

Language: Portuguese
Priority: n/a
Reading: n/a
Writing: n/a
Comprehension: n/a
Conversation: n/a
Language: Arabic
Priority: High
Reading: n/a
Writing: n/a
Comprehension: n/a
Conversation: n/a
5. Experiência exigida em investigação
5. Required research experience

Main Research Field: History
Research Sub-Field: Science Management and Information Infrastrutures in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Years of Research Experience: 3 years