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1. Descrição do cargo/posição/bolsa
1. Job description

Postdoctoral research grant

Job/Fellowship Reference: PTDC/EMD-EMD/28960/2017- POCI-01-0145-FEDER-028960

Main research field: Not available

Sub research field:

Job summary:

A research grant is available at the University of Coimbra on the  project “Multi-Cam Capsule Endoscopy Imagery: 3d Capsule Location and Detection of Abnormalities” (research project, with reference  PTDC/EMD-EMD/28960/2017 - POCI-01-0145-FEDER-028960.

Job description:

Announcement for a Postdoctoral research grant


A research grant is available at the University of Coimbra on the  project “Multi-Cam Capsule Endoscopy Imagery: 3d Capsule Location and Detection of Abnormalities” (research project, with reference  PTDC/EMD-EMD/28960/2017 - POCI-01-0145-FEDER-028960, of FCT – Portuguese national funding agency for science, research and technology, https://www.fct.pt/index.phtml.en), with the following characteristics:


Number of grants: 1


Type of activity: Capsule endoscopy is a non-invasive medical technology designed for the in vivo and pain-free inspection of the interior of the gastrointestinal tract. It is a particularly important method for the examination of the small intestine, since this organ is not easily analyzed by conventional techniques. One of the difficulties of this diagnostic technique is the impossibility of knowing the precise location of the capsule when an abnormality is detected. This project aims to develop solutions to determine the location of the capsule in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the automatic detection of medically relevant abnormalities. The project will focus on the use of multi-camera capsules, because the existence of multiple cameras brings significant advantages for both localization and detection of abnormalities.

The team of the project is multidisciplinary and involves mathematicians, electrical and computer engineers and gastroenterologists.

The focus of the research is on imaging sciences and scientific computing. It involves image processing, image analysis, partial differential equations, numerical analysis, optimization, visualization, and inverse problems in imaging, with applications in medicine.


Financial support: co-financed by national funds through FCT and by FEDER through COMPETE 2020 – Programa Operacional Competitividade e Internacionalização


Applicant profile:

a) PhD in mathematics, computational sciences or engineering.

b) PhD degree obtained within a three-year period prior to application date.

c) The fellowship host institution must differ from the applicant's degree-conferring institution.

d) The research activity to be carried out by the grantee does not require post-doctoral experience.

e) The grantee must not exceed, under the new contract, an accumulated period of three consecutive or interpolated years with the same type of fellowship, including renewals.



Location: Department of Mathematics – Faculty of Sciences and Technology at the University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal.


Duration: 12 months.


Renewal: Possibility of renewal if the project is extended.


Scientific Orientation: Prof. Isabel Maria Narra de Figueiredo


Financial conditions: The amount of the grant is € 1.600 corresponding to the monthly compensation stipulated in the FCT table (https://www.fct.pt/apoios/bolsas/valores.phtml.en), plus social security (Seguro Social Voluntário, first level contributions) and personal accidents insurance. The payment will be made by bank transfer. This amount will not be increased during the entire period of the grant duration.


Regime: The attribution of the grant does not generate or entitle a relation of a legal-labour nature, it is undertaken in an exclusive dedication regime and the fellow is granted with the Fellow Statute of the University of Coimbra, according to Research Grant Statute, and the Regulation of Research Grants of the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P. , both in its actual wording.


Selection methods: It includes two steps. Initially, the jury evaluates the curriculum of the candidates according to the criteria defined below (in Selection criteria). The second step consists of an interview. The candidate final grade is a weighted average, with weights 4/5 and 1/5 for the first and second steps, respectively. Only the candidates who obtain at least a score 75/100 in the first step will be interviewed in a second step. For non-interviewed candidates, the final grade is equal to the score obtained in the first step..


Selection and attribution criteria: Curricular evaluation (70%) ; Interview evaluation (30%)

Curricular evaluation

Curriculum vitae merit: 40%;

Suitability of the candidate’s scientific profile to the project’s scientific activity: 60%;

 Interview evaluation;

Academic and scientific merit of the candidate: 70%;

Adequacy to the scientific activity of the project: 30%.


Formalization of application: Letter of application, curriculum vitae, list of publications, statement of research interests (one page maximum, concisely describing the scientific profile/interests and the direct relation with the proposed postdoctoral position) and indication of two researchers that can provide references.

A statement of honour declaring whether the applicant has previously held a similar type of fellowship, specifying its reference, duration, affiliation and funding institution.

Candidates with foreign academic diplomas are obliged to present records of the recognition of such diplomas according to the Portuguese law.


Applications submission: Applications should be sent by email to isabelf@mat.uc.pt or to the following address: Prof. Isabel Narra Figueiredo, Departamento de Matemática da FCTUC, Apartado 3008, 3001 – 501 Coimbra, Portugal.  


Jury responsible for selection: Prof. Isabel Maria Narra de Figueiredo, Prof. Carlos Manuel Franco Leal and Dr. Luís Miguel Dias Pinto.


Submission of applications: Between 03/07/2020  and 16/07/2020.


Publication date: 18/06/2020.


Submission deadline date: 16/07/2020.


Additional information: The evaluation results will be announced within 90 days after the end of the applications submission deadline, by notifying the applicants via email. After the announcement of the results, candidates are considered automatically notified to, if they wish to do so, comment on the results on a preliminary hearing period within 10 days after that date. After this, the selected candidates will have to declare in writing their acceptance. Unless a justification worthy of consideration is presented, if the declaration is not submitted within the referred period, it is considered that the candidate waivers the grant. In case of resignation or withdrawal of the selected candidate, the next candidate with the highest evaluation score will be notified immediately.

Vacant posts: 1

Type of contract: Temporary

Job country: Portugal

Job city: Coimbra

Job company/institute: Universidade de Coimbra

Application deadline: 16 Julho 2020
(The Application's deadline must be confirmed on the Job Description)

2. Dados de contactos da organização
2. Organization contact data

Organization/institute: Identificação da Instituição: Universidade de Coimbra

Edifício da Faculdade de Medicina, 1.º andar, Pólo I, Rua Larga
Coimbra - 3004-504

Email: bolsas@uc.pt

Website: not available

3. Habilitações académicas
3. Required education Level

4. Línguas exigidas
4. Required languages

5. Experiência exigida em investigação
5. Required research experience