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1. Descrição do cargo/posição/bolsa
1. Job description

Bolsa Investigação - Mestre

Referência: Project MobiWise: POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016426

Área científica genérica: Engineering

Área científica específica: Electronic engineering

Resumo do anúncio:

Summary: A research position for one Bolsa de Investigação para Mestre is opened at Instituto de Telecomunicações, in the scope of the Project MobiWise: from mobile sensing to mobility advising, POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016426, funded by Programa Operacional Competitividade e Internacionalização (POCI), in its FEDER component and Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P., through national funds.


Scientific Area: Networks and Multimedia

Group: Networked Systems – Po

Texto do anúncio

Admission Requirements: 

§  Master Degree in the area of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Informatics, Telecommunication or equivalent.

§  Good knowledge of (wireless) communication protocols and desirably on IoT.

§  Good programming and software development skills.

§  Good spoken and written English skills.

§  Self-motivated and self-disciplined; capable of working on a multidisciplinary, international team.

Required Documents: Cover letter explaining the interest in the position, detailed Curriculum Vitae with transcripts, copy of the relevant certificates (Certidão de grau de mestre).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If the selected candidate has a degree obtained outside Portugal, his degree must be certified in Portugal

For more information:

Direcção-Geral do Ensino Superior (DGES): http://www.dges.mctes.pt

Work Objectives: 

§  Develop and assess communication protocols for an ultra-dense IoT scenario with hundreds of highly mobile nodes;

§  Asses and model the performance of wireless communications in this scenario;

§  Support pilot studies, including development of selected application and communication components.

Applicable legislation: A fellowship will be celebrated according to the regulations defined by FCT, “Regulation of Instituto de Telecomunicações’ fellowships” and ”Regulation of Advanced Training and Qualification of Human Resources”, according to Law no. 40/2004, dated August 18 (Status of Scientific Research Fellow), as amended and republished by Decree-Law No.202/2012 of August 27, and as amended by Decree-Law No.233/2012 of October 29 and by Law No.12/2013 of January 29, and Decree-Law No. 89/2013 of July 9, and also by Fundação para Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P. Fellowship Regulation of Fundação para Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P., approved by Regulation no. 234/2012, published in Series II of Diário da República of June 25 of 2012, amended and republished by Regulation no. 326/2013, published in Series II of Diário da República of July 27 of 2013 and amended by Regulation no. 339/2015, published in Series II of Diário da República of June 17 of 2015. http://www.fct.pt/apoios/bolsas/docs/RegulamentoBolsasFCT2015.pdf

Place of work: The work will be developed at the premises of Instituto de Telecomunicações at the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineer, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, under the supervision of Professor Ana Cristina Costa Aguiar.

Duration: 12 months, with the possibility of renewal. Start date: 1st December 2017 (or soon thereafter).

Monthly salary: 980 Eur (net), according to the table of grant amounts awarded directly by FCT for positions held in Portugal (www.fct.pt/apoios/bolsas/valores). Additional payment/reward by private funds might be considered. The payment will be made by bank transfer.

Selection criteria: 

§  Quality of the candidates Curriculum Vitae (50%)

§  Suitability of the candidates’ profile to the project (50%)

An interview might be requested if considered relevant by the selection jury. In this case, will be made individual interviews with the three best applicants, as well as for foreign applicants and will be included in criteria 2.

Interview check box: yes

Ana Cristina Costa Aguiar
Pedro Miranda de Andrade de Albuquerque d´Orey
Luis Miguel Pinho de Almeida

Communication of the results: Results will be published at the Instituto de Telecomunicações, at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto. The selected candidate will be notified by email.

Apply online clicking on the “Apply Now” button in this form


E-mail submissions are not accepted.

Start appearing: 18 October 2017

Application acceptance start day: 02 November 2017

Closing date: 15 November 2017

Número de vagas: 1

Tipo de contrato: Temporário

País: Portugal

Localidade: Porto

Instituição de acolhimento: Instituto de Telecomunicações

Data limite de candidatura: 15 November 2017
(A data limite de candidatura deve ser confirmada no texto do anúncio)

2. Dados de contactos da organização
2. Organization contact data

Instituição de contacto: Instituto de Telecomunicações

Av. Rovisco, 1 - Torre Norte
Lisboa - 1049-001

Email: tereza.traquinas@lx.it.pt


3. Habilitações académicas
3. Required education Level

4. Línguas exigidas
4. Required languages

5. Experiência exigida em investigação
5. Required research experience