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Unique identifier: 4d0e89ff-2763-42c8-838f-6e0df5617881

1. Descrição do cargo/posição/bolsa
1. Job description

Masters degree in Oceanography, Marine Sciences, Marine Biology, Biology, Informatics, Statistics or any scientific area which

Job/Fellowship Reference: PTDC/AAC-CLI/114512/2009 - Detecção remota da variabilidade do fitoplâncton na região SW da Península Ibérica: um indicador para prever alterações climáticas?” (PHYTOCLIMA), financiado por fundos nacionais através da Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia/Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior (FCT/MCTES)

Main research field: Not available

Sub research field:

Job summary:

The University of Algarve (UAlg) offers one research grant position within the framework of the project “Remote sensing of phytoplankton variability off SW Iberia: a sentinel for climate change?” (PHYTOCLIMA), reference PTDC/AAC-CLI/114512/2009 (Programme in all fields of science – Call 2009), funded by Portugal through the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology/Ministry of Science, Technology, and Higher Education (FCT/MCTES), under the following conditions:

Job description:

Scientific Area: Environment and Climate change
Requirements for applicants: The candidates should hold a Masters degree in Oceanography, Marine Sciences, Marine Biology, Biology, Informatics, Statistics or any scientific area which provides skills in data processing and analyses. Expertise in data processing, data analyses, programming, and fieldwork and laboratory techiques applied to phytoplankton ecology are considered assets.
Activities to be developed: The research grant holder will develop the following activities and objectives:
1. Extraction, compilation and analyses of climatic and physico-chemical oceanographic variables in the study region, obtained from various data sources (e.g., remote sensing, meteorological stations, instrumented buoys, national and international oceanographic data bases);
2. Participation in oceanographic surveys of the study area designed to validate and calibrate satelite-derived data such as chlorophyll a aconcentration and sea surface temperature;
3. Integration of phytoplankton and environmental data using different numerical tools in order to assess phytoplankton distribution patterns at different spatial and temporal scales, and identify relevant environmental drivers underlying phytoplankton variability;
4. Participation in the promotion and dissemination of project results (e.g., presentation of results in seminars or scientific meetings, assistance in preparing scientific articles and the project website).
Legislation and rules: The rules applied will be those described in the “Estatuto do Bolseiro de Investigação Científica” (see http://www.fct.mctes.pt/pt/apoios/bolsas/estatutodobolseiro/; Lei Nº. 40/2004 de 18 de Agosto), and the Regulation for Advanced Training and Qualification of Human Resources 2010.
Workplace: The grant holder will be developing his/her activities in the Center of Marine and Environmental Research of the Universidade do Algarve (CIMA-UAlg), Portugal, under the scentific supervision of Prof. Doutora Ana Barbosa and Prof. Doutor Joaquim Luís (Assistant Professors at UAlg), according to the following conditions:
Grant duration: This position is for a period of 6 months, starting on 15 March 2012, eventually renewable for similar periods up to a maximum total contract period of 18 months.
Monthly salary: The grant monthly salary will be 980 Euros, according to the grants table applied by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (see http://alfa.fct.mctes.pt/apoios/bolsas/valores).
Evaluation criteria: The candidates will be selected according to the following criteria:
1. experience in data processing, data analyses (namely satelite-derived data), and programming (e.g., Matlab, R) and numerical processing skills: 40%;
2. experience in fieldwork and laboratory techniques applied in phytoplankton ecology: 35%;
3. scientific output in the area (e.g., SCI publications, communications at scientific meetings): 15%;
4. motivation and capacity to carry out additional work leading to a PhD degree: 10%.
If needed, the top three candidates will be subjected to an interview which will represent 30% in the final ranking.

Composition of the evaluation panel:
- Prof. Doutora Ana Barbosa (Jury Committee President);
- Prof. Doutor Joaquim Luís (Jury Committee Member);
- Prof. Doutor Paulo Relvas (Jury Committee Member);
- Prof. Doutora Helena Galvão (Supplementary Jury Committee Member)
Publication of results: Final evaluation results will be released until 30 days after the submission deadline for applications. Final results will be: (i) posted in a conspicuous and public location of the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Algarve (Building 7, Gambelas Campus), as a list of candidates ranked according to final evaluation; and (ii) communicated to each applicant through the email adress indicated in the application process.
Application period and documents: The application period is open between de 22/02/2012 to 06/03/2012. Interested candidates are invited to submit applications, which must include an application letter and the following documents:
- Detailed Curriculum Vitae;
- Certified transcripts showing the academic degrees awarded;
- Identity document / Passaport;
- Tax identification number;
- Other relevant documents (e.g., recommendation letters).
Application submition: The applications must be submitted by mail to Prof. Doutora Ana Barbosa, Ref. Project PHYTOCLIMA - PTDC/AAC-CLI/114512/2009, Universidade do Algarve, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Campus de Gambelas, Building 7, 8005-139 Faro, Portugal, ou by email to abarbosa@ualg.pt.

The University of Algarve reserves the right to cancel the tender procedure for the allocation of this grant under the referred Project, if the Project contract with the funding institution does not come to effect.

Universidade do Algarve, 30 de Janeiro de 2012.
Project Principal Investigator

Profª. Doutora Ana Barbosa

Vacant posts: 1

Type of contract: Information not available

Job country: Portugal

Job city: Gambelas-Faro

Job company/institute: Universidade do Algarve

Application deadline: 06 Março 2012
(The Application's deadline must be confirmed on the Job Description)

2. Dados de contactos da organização
2. Organization contact data

Organization/institute: Universidade do Algarve

Faro - 8005

Email: uaic@ualg.pt

Website: not available

3. Habilitações académicas
3. Required education Level

4. Línguas exigidas
4. Required languages

5. Experiência exigida em investigação
5. Required research experience