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Practical Information

Information on this page is outdated corresponding to data collected in 2005. It will not be updated and may still provide some useful information. Moving and updating practical information to the new euraxess.pt portal is one of our current priorities. At a later stage this will be followed by Jobs information. Both portals will coexist during a period of months and we intend to fully preserve the eracareers jobs data in the new setting or other portals operated by FCT. We invite you to browse www.euraxess.pt which is rapidly changing.
Find information about living conditions in Portugal. For further local information we advise you to contact a Researcher’s Mobility Centre, preferably the closest to your desired destination.

You may find useful to get general information about working and living in Portugal on the following sites:

- ACIME - Alto Comissariado para a Imigração e Minorias Étnicas

- Lisbon Relocation Office

- EURES – The European Job Mobility Portal

Bellow you find selected information about topics that you should know before coming to Portugal

Visa and Resident Permit


Visa Request Form

Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras - Foreigners and frontiers service

Portuguese Consulates around the world

Embassies and Diplomatic Missions at Portugal

Fiscal Information

Ministry of Finance and Public Administration
(Choose the last option of the webpage: Portuguese tax system)

Social Security

Social security system
(select the English version)

Recognition of foreign qualifications

NARIC – National Academic Recognition Information Centre

Learning Portuguese

Portuguese State Universities tend to allow researchers to attend Portuguese lessons under the courses that are given to ERASMUS students. To get more information about this issue you can contact the Mobility Centre at the place you intend to go as all Portuguese State Universities have a Mobility Centre.


Renting furnished houses or flats is not organised in a straightforward way. It is better to contact the Mobility Centre close to the city you intend to go. In fact, information is very local and personalised. However, to get an overview of the market, you may browse the addresses given below of real state firms that also act as intermediaries for this business.

Real state agencies

Era Portugal
Remax Portugal
Imoproposta OnLine
BPI Imobiliário (in Portuguese)
Casa Sapo - Portal Nacional de Imobiliário


The best way to learn about schools is to contact the Mobility Centre close to the city of your choice. There you will be informed of the best solutions given the local where you will live or work.

To have an overview of the education system in Portugal look at:
>> EURYBASE - The Information Network on Education in Europe

A recent study describes the integration of immigrant children in schools in:
National Descriptions on Integrating Immigrant Children into Schools in Europe

Social-cultural activities

Ministry of Culture – Cultural Agenda

Portugal’s Official Tourism Website

Turism Regions

You may get an idea of the cultural and social environment of the different towns where you might find research opportunities browsing the following websites:

Portugal Travel Guide
Lisbon - Portugal Destination guide
Turismo de Lisboa
Lisbon Pages

The destination Porto
Portugal Travel Guide
Portugal - Travel Photos

Central Tourism Region
Portugal - Travel Photos
Portugal Travel Guide

The destination Aveiro
Portugal Travel Guide

City of Évora
Portugal Travel Guide

Vila Real
Portugal Travel
Portugal Travel Guide

Covilhã municipality
Portugal Travel Guide

Portugal Travel
Portugal Travel Guide

Portugal Travel Guide
Portugal Travel

Portugal Travel Guide
Portugal Travel

Portugal Travel Guide
Portugal Travel

Ponta Delgada
Portugal Travel Guide
Portugal Travel

Angra do Heroísmo
Portugal Travel Guide
Portugal Travel

Portugal Travel Guide
Portugal Travel